2010 Summer DotA Challenge

Name of School
Teammate 1 (Team Leader)
Section of Teammate 1
Teammate 2
Section of Teammate 2
Teammate 3
Section of Teammate 3
Teammate 4
Section of Teammate 4
Teammate 5
Section of Teammate 5
Substitute 1 (Optional)
Section of Substitute 1
Substitute 2 (Optional)
Section of Substitute 2
Date of Graduation
Time of Graduation
Venue of Graduation

I.  Eligibility

     a)  A team consisting of five (5) players plus a maximum of two (2) substitutes.  All of the players, including the substitutes, must come from the same school and should be graduating high school students for School Year 2009-2010.  Substitutes are optional.

     b)  Students who graduated from High School prior to SY 2009-2010 may join the team as regular player, substitute or as replacement if he/she enrolls at AMA Sta. Cruz as a NEW TRANSFEREE within the period of the tournament.  He/she may be a graduate from different high school.  He/she is considered enrolled if he/she paid the required downpayment.  A form for replacement request will be made available at the Admission Office.  Approved replacements will be announced immediately in the website.

     b)  A player can be a member of one (1) team only.  A school can form as many teams as they want.

     c)  One member is designated as the Team Captain and will be in charge of registering and representing the whole team in confirmation of results and technical discussions.


II.  Registration

     a)  Registration form will be available for download at http://ama.edu.tripod.com/dota or at the Admission Office of AMA Sta. Cruz.

     b)  Team Captain must register the team by filling up the Team Registration Form and attach to it the photocopy of their 4th Year High School Card and their 1x1 or 2x2 ID pictures.  For transferees, photocopy of COR and picture are required.

     c)  Filled-up registration form with complete attachments will be accepted at the Admission's Office on 22 March 2010 until 05 April 2010. 

     d)  Groups should fill-up the online reservation form located at http://ama.edu.tripod/dota so that schedule may be prepared early.

     e)  Team members should always bring their High School ID's to check if changing of players are not made before or during the tournament.


III.  Format

     a)  All match-ups will be a race to 2 win (Best of 3) except during the Finals which will be a race to 3 wins (Best of 5).

     b)  Each team will be paired with another team for the 1st Phase of the Elimination.  The winner will advance to the next round while the losers will be grouped in to the Loser's Group.

     c)  All the succeeding match-ups will be Best of 3 sudden-death matches.


IV.  Map Version and other technical rules will be posted by the Administrator before 31 March 2010.


V.  Prizes will be announced later.



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