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Kap's AMAzing School: AMA Sta. Cruz

ID Application Update

Sportsfest 2011 Grouping
Schedule of Classes - 2nd Semester

# USN LastName FirstName     STUD. NO. Course Remarks Status Date Requested
1 11002400600 ABANILLA JOHN MARK A   SC11500078 BSIT no signature full request  
2   ABARCA JOHN LIENEL C   SC11500007 BSECE no signature full request  
3 11002400500 ABCEDE MARISOL S   SC11500083 BSIT picture for replacement full request  
4   ABUEL RIO JOE S   SC11500225 BSIT no contact details,pic,sign pre-request  
5   ACO KEEN AERO A   SC11500133 BSPSYCHE no contact details,pic,sign pre-request  
6   ACUŅA KENNETH C   SC11500245 BSA ordered    
7 11001020200 ADELAN JAHN MARINIE D   SC11500108 BSIT no contact details,sign pre-request  
8   AGBULOS DIANA A   SC11500030 BSPSYCHE no picture, signature pre-request  
9 11002543200 AGGABAO JOANIE FAYE C   SC11500130 BSA no signature full request  
10   AGRA JOHN RUSSEL E   SC11500156 BSECE no picture, signature pre-request  
11 11002538200 AGRAMON MELISSA O   SC11500012 BSBA no signature full request  
12 9002771500 ALDHAMMOOR ALI HASAN A   SC11500127 BSIT no contact details, pic, sgn pre-request  
13   ALDIANO BERNADETTE C   SC11500200 BSBA no signature full request  
14   ALIAZAS JONJON R   SC11500289 BSA no usn,pic,sign    
15   ALLAS EINZEL LEAN A   SC11500097 BSECE ordered    
16   ALVAREZ MARGIELYN D   SC11500217 BSCOE ordered    
17 11002340700 ALVARO JOHN PATRICK R   SC11500081 BSCS no signature full request  
18   ANGELES MA. JANNETTE C   SC11500287 BSIT no contact details,pic,sign pre-request  
19 11002340300 AŅONUEVO PENIEL L   SC11500218 BSIT no signature full request  
20 11002400900 AQUINO MARINELLE A   SC11500072 BSECE no cantact detail    
21 9002832500 AQUINO REGINE P   SC11500325 BSIT no picture, signature pre-request  
22 11001936100 ARAZA CEDRICK ERROL A   SC11500042 BSECE ordered    
23   ARELLANO MAE UNIZEL C   SC11500159 BSIT ordered    
24 11002498300 ARGAŅOSA MARK LORENZ G   SC11500162 BSIT ordered    
25   ARNISTO EDGARDO BRIAN F   SC11500269 BSCS no picture, signature pre-request  
26 11002400400 ARTAJONA RICHARD A   SC11500004 BSIT no picture, signature pre-request  
27   ARTICONA NICOLE JOY M   SC11500001 BSCS ordered    
28 11002143100 ASEDILLO KARL MERVINSON R   SC11500310 BSIT no contact details, sign pre-request  
29   ASIDO REIMAR D   SC11500262 BSIT no usn,pic,sign    
30 11002365700 ATIENZA JOHN CARLO U   SC11500137 BSIT no signature full request  
31   AVILA ALVIN B   SC11500114 BSIT no signature full request  
32   BACOY PAOLO A   SC11500160 BSCOE no contact details full request  
33 11001537600 BADULIS LUIGI L   SC11500299 BSIT for check full request  
34   BAISAS RB CRISTIAN B   SC11500268 BSIT no picture, signature pre-request  
35   BANDIN JASON Q   SC11500315 BSIT no contact detail, signature full request  
36   BARIUAN JUN ED M   SC11500063 BSCS no picture, signature pre-request  
37   BARLIS JOSHUA V   SC11500246 BSIT no contact details pre-request  
38 11002339100 BAUTISTA ARNOLD F   SC11500178 BSIT   pre-request  
39   BAY JASPER CRAIG A   SC11500254 BSCS no contact details    
40   BAYA KNEILL PATRICK A   SC11500179 BSIT ordered   6/30/2011
41   BELMES ROMELYN S   SC11500040 BSIT ordered   6/30/2011
42   BERIDO RONALD R   SC11500131 BSCOE ordered   6/30/2011
43   BITANCUR ALVIN E   SC11500181 BSCOE no picture full request  
44 11002498500 BREGANZA RONZ KERWIN J   SC11500061 BSECE ordered   6/30/2011
45 11002492600 BRONDO JOHN DOMINIC T   SC11500067 BSCOE      
46 11002401000 BUCAL ROSS ALVIN S   SC11500150 BSIT ordered   6/30/2011
47   BUENO KIM JARED R   SC11500015 BSECE ordered    
48 11002340000 BUNYI BERNADETTE A   SC11500011 BSA ordered    
49   CABRAS ROSE ANN Z   SC11500235 BSCOE      
50   CAGA JOHN ALDRIN N   SC11500267 BSBA ordered    
51 11002365200 CALINAGAN CHRISTIAN B   SC11500059 BSIT ordered    
52   CALISAY CHENIRRY B   SC11500252 BSIT ordered    
53   CAMBE LORD BRIAN AUSTIN S   SC11500313 BSIT no picture, signature pre-request  
54 11002339300 CARANDANG VIEN JUSTINE R   SC11500119 BSIT ordered    
55   CHAN NYLTON D   SC11500333 BSIT no signature full request  
56 11002431500 CHEW GEORGE KENEDY E   SC11500069 BSECE ordered    
57   CONSTANTINO RAYMART B   SC11500285 BSA ordered    
58 8002408100 CORONADO JEFFREY V   SC11500321 BSIT for check    
59 11001597600 CORPUZ STEVE LOUIE C   SC11500248 BSIT ordered    
60   CORTEZ MARC ADRIAN B   SC11500168 BSIT no contact details full request  
61 11002339900 CUALA JAY CEAN A   SC11500089 BSCOE no signature full request  
62   CUBACOB JAYMART H   SC11500173 BSA ordered    
63   DACILLO RONEL M   SC11500141 BSCOE no contact details full request  
64 10002218300 DALUPAN RASTLY P   SC10500445 BSIT no picture, signature pre-request  
65   DAMIAN JOJO P   SC11500330 BSBA ordered    
66   DE CASTRO ADRIAN N   SC11500005 BSIT ordered    
67 11001520400 DE CASTRO RODOLFO B JR. SC11500296 BSIT no picture pre-request  
68   DE GUZMAN CHRISTINE JOY M   SC11500026 BSIT no contacts, signiture full request  
69   DE JESUS JHON MORRIS L   SC11500227 BSIT no usn    
70   DE LEON JOHN CARLO A   SC11500214 BSECE ordereed   7/1/2011
71 4000190055 DE LEON MARK ANTHONY R   SC11500230 BSIT for check    
72 11001519500 DE MESA PRECILLA GARLYN J   SC11500297 BSCOE no picture pre-request  
73 11002538100 DEL MUNDO GILINE AIA MIKAEL     SC11500191 BSBA wrong course    
74   DELA TORRE ACEE ERWEL N   SC11500272 BSCOE no picture, signature pre-request  
75   DELOS REYES JOBEN RAY C   SC11500095 BSCS no picture, signature pre-request  
76   DEMATERA ROBERT ALLEN M   SC11500250 BSIT no contact person, picture, signiture pre-request  
77 11002339700 DESPABILADERAS QUINCY JONES T   SC11500258 BSIT ordered   7/1/2011
78   DOB GURPINDER SINGH     SC11500176 BSCOE no contact person full request  
79   DOŅASALES DIANE DESIERY A   SC11500047 BSECE no usn    
80   DUBB KARANDEEP     SC11500187 BSCOE no picture pre-request  
81   DUBB RAMANDEEP     SC11500186 BSBA no picture pre-request  
82   EBALLAR GLENDA AMOR G   SC11500280 BSA no contact full request  
83   EBARVIA JEREMY A   SC11500117 BSIT ordered   7/1/2011
84 11002543700 EDRA JENICA DENISSE D   SC11500115 BSCS ordered   7/1/2011
85   ELLEVA LANCE IRVIN F   SC11500049 BSIT ordered   7/1/2011
86   ESGUERRA NIKKI A   SC11500275 BSA      
87   ESPINA THERESA A   SC11500096 BSIT no contact full request  
88   ESSA MISHAL M   SC11500327 BSIT no linked, picture, signiture    
89   ESTRABO FRANK JULIUS ZAIRO     SC11500062 BSCOE no linked, picture, signiture    
90   ESTREMERA LOYD A   SC11500271 BSPSYCHE ordered   7/1/2011
91   EVASCO JOANNA MARIE A   SC11500291 BSIT ordered    
92 11002440200 EVASCO VLADIMIR D   SC11500071 BSECE no contact person full request  
93   FLORES CHARLIE P   SC11500036 BSCOE ordered   7/1/2011
94   FRESCO MICAH V   SC11500206 BSA for check    
95   FUA CHRIS JOHN LEXTER D   SC11500165 BSCOE no picture, signature pre-request  
96   GALARCE JUSTINE M   SC11500079 BSPSYCHE no usn    
97 11002290600 GALIVO REDEEMER RAYNARD M   SC11500056 BSCOE ordered   7/1/2011
98 11001510000 GANGGAY WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER T   SC11500239 BSCS no picture, signature pre-request  
99 11002421000 GARCIA CHRISTOPHER I   SC11500082 BSCS no picture pre-request  
100 11002339500 GARIŅO JAY ECH B   SC11500188 BSIT no usn    
101 11002340600 GASPAR ANN CLAUDETTE D   SC11500231 BSCS ordered   7/1/2011
102 11002340400 GASPAR JOYCE ANN D   SC11500232 BSCS ordered   7/1/2011
103   GRINDULO CARL DUANE A   SC11500034 BSBA ordered   7/1/2011
104   GUEVARRA KELVIN B   SC11500084 BSIT for check    
105   GUIDO RICHARD A   SC11500060 BSIT ordered    
106 11002495900 GUILALAS EARL JOHN R   SC11500103 BSIT no picture, signature pre-request  
107   GUNAO MARIANNE A   SC11500294 BSIT no picture pre-request  
108 11002439100 HIPOLITO RONA MAE L   SC11500249 BSIT ordered   7/1/2011
109   IBAŅEZ JASMIN D   SC11500301 BSA no usn    
110   IBAŅEZ JOSE RENE L   SC11500013 BSIT no usn    
111 11002496900 ILAGAN ALEXA MARIE B   SC11500147 BSECE ordered   7/1/2011
112   JAVEL SIMONE D   SC11500215 BSA ordered   7/1/2011
113   JIMENEZ MELVIN JAKE B   SC11500224 BSIT ordered   7/1/2011
114   LACAO-CAO JENNO J   SC11500140 BSECE      
115   LACBAY REN REN B   SC11500153 BSA      
116   LACHICA DEVIES D   SC11500286 BSCOE      
117   LAPUZ HAROLD LEVIN C   SC11500183 BSIT      
118   LAQUI HANNAH GENE M   SC11500113 BSCOE      
119   LARAZO MARK JOSEPH A   SC11500241 BSIT      
120 11002441900 LARIOS LOVELY NEL O   SC11500336 BSPSYCHE      
121 11002543300 LEBRIA RENZ MATTHEW B   SC11500088 BSCS s    
122   LEONARDO MILCOS JOHN P   SC11500335 BSECE      
123   LIMCHIOCO GRACE ANN A   SC11500136 BSIT      
124   LLANES JAYSON M   SC11500334 BSECE      
126 11002339200 LOPEZ JOHANNA MARIE A   SC11500170 BSIT      
127 11002496400 MAGANO MARC GEORJIE A   SC11500139 BSIT      
128   MAGHIRANG MABESS D   SC11500264 BSIT      
129   MALLARI ERIKA D   SC11500319 BSIT      
130   MALVAR ZACHARY L   SC11500236 BSCS      
131   MANESE CHRISTIAN E   SC11500094 BSIT      
132   MANGAY PATRICK CAEZAR J   SC11500257 BSIT      
133   MARCO WENMARC S   SC11500068 BSIT      
134 11002493800 MASAJO MARK JOSEPH R   SC11500009 BSIT      
135   MELICIO SHEERA MEL R   SC11500166 BSIT      
136   MENDOZA PRECE M   SC11500270 BSCS      
137 11002495500 MERCADO MICHELLE R   SC11500080 BSA      
138   MIA ARIANE DAYE C   SC11500138 BSIT      
139   MILLA JOHN CALVIN S   SC11500195 BSCS      
140 11002537900 MONDEZ MARJORIE D   SC11500260 BSA      
141   MONSERRAT DARELL B   SC11500128 BSIT      
142 11001940300 MONSERRAT MARIELLE M   SC11500197 BSIT      
143   MONTEMOR LORNEDETH P   SC11500216 BSCOE      
144   MONTEVERDE CARMELA ANNE O   SC11500261 BSA      
146   MORA JOHN ROBERT V   SC11500228 BSIT      
147   MORALES JAMIL F   SC11500100 BSCS      
148 11002543400 MORANTE JEMALYN G   SC11500198 BSIT      
149   NADERA CHARLES G   SC11500279 BSIT      
150   NAZARIO MARCO E   SC11500305 BSIT      
151   NOPRADA MARY ANNE A   SC11500251 BSIT      
153   ODPER MARRIELE F   SC11500229 BSECE      
154   ORAPA ROMYLIE M   SC11500328 BSIT      
155   ORARA ANDREAS JOHN M   SC11500169 BSIT      
156 11002498700 OSUNA JAMEER ANN V   SC11500073 BSA      
157 11002399900 PAGKALIWANGAN ANA R   SC11500203 BSECE      
158   PARAISO DHAIDEN B   SC11500329 BSBA      
159   PAREDES ROSS ANTHONY M   SC11500314 BSIT      
160   PASION LAWRENCE ANGELO B   SC11500167 BSIT      
161   PRINCIPE ALBERT A JR. SC11500320 BSIT      
162   QUIBAR CARLA T   SC11500098 BSIT      
163   RACOMA CHERRY MAY T   SC11500116 BSIT      
164 11002364900 RAMOS AARON ARNOLD D   SC11500003 BSIT      
165 11002299000 RAMOS JAKE C   SC11500184 BSECE      
166   RAMOS NORDICK V   SC11500290 BSIT      
167   REBADAVIA JOEY R   SC11500087 BSCOE      
168 11002537700 RECONES CHARLES VAN A   SC11500192 BSECE      
169 11002498400 REGATO JOHN PAULO D   SC11500182 BSIT      
170   REYES JOSE PAOLO S   SC11500284 BSIT      
171   REYES KEVIN CHRISTIAN S   SC11500243 BSCS      
172 11002399500 REYES MAERON JOSEPH A   SC11500035 BSIT      
173 11002400800 RIVERA CHRISTIAN P   SC11500039 BSIT      
174 11002497900 RIVERA RONALYN B   SC11500002 BSCOE      
175   SALDEA DARLENE MAE E   SC11500212 BSA      
176   SALGADO JOHN PAUL L   SC11500024 BSCS      
177 10000734400 SALISI REUEL J   SC11500263 BSIT      
178   SALONGA RHAL S   SC11500029 BSECE      
179   SAMSON PAULIN E   SC11500265 BSPSYCHE      
181 11001599600 SARIP JONNAIRA A   SC11500256 BSPSYCHE      
182   SARMIENTO NEODUARD PAUL V   SC11500337 BSIT ordered   7/1/2011
183   SINGH INDERJIT     SC11500177 BSCOE ordered   7/1/2011
184   SOLIVEN MARIEL C   SC11500143 BSIT ordered   7/1/2011
185   SONZA MARK HAMILTON C   SC11500161 BSIT ordered   7/1/2011
186   SORIANO GLEN MARK A   SC11500242 BSIT no contact    
187   TABIRARA ERICKA JEAN T   SC11500172 BSIT ordered   7/1/2011
188 11002537800 TAGORDA KRISTELLE ANNE R   SC11500259 BSBA ordered   7/1/2011
189   TEMPLANSA LENIE DAINE A   SC11500058 BSCOE ordered   7/1/2011
190   TIU JONATHAN A   SC11500204 BSA ordered   7/1/2011
191   TORRES PATRICK D   SC11500006 BSIT      
192   TUICO MA. LORENA F   SC11500086 BSA      
193 11002538000 VALENZUELA ROMEL R   SC11500194 BSCOE ordered   7/1/2011
194 11001517600 VALLEJO VERONICA Y   SC11500055 BSA ordered   7/1/2011
195   VELASCO JOHN ARIS F   SC11500093 BSCOE for check    
196 11002339800 VERANIA ERIC C   SC11500202 BSIT ordered   7/1/2011
197   VIBORA BIMBO G   SC11500023 BSCS ordered   7/1/2011
198   VIDAL MARY ANNE M   SC11500132 BSIT no usn,    
199   VILLANUEVA ERWIN ROWEN C   SC11500292 BSECE no usn    
200   VIŅEZA STAMMIYNA L   SC11500223 BSIT for check    
201   WEDINGCO DARYL B   SC11500008 BSA no contact full request  
202   YANEZA MONIEC E   SC11500311 BSIT no signature full request  
203 11002543800 YANGA MARIA KHRYSTINA B   SC11500196 BSA ordered   7/1/2011
204 11001583100 YU PRINCESS L   SC11500295 BSIT no picture, signature pre-request  
205 11002498800 YUMOL RINA ROSSE A   SC11500151 BSPSYCHE for check    
Prepared by JP Estremera and Ian Fua