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Kap's AMAzing School: AMA Sta. Cruz

Political Endorsees

Sportsfest 2011 Grouping
Schedule of Classes - 2nd Semester

1.  Collect your gradeslips since the first time you enroll at AMA. For misplaced gradeslip, print from
2.  Download the Agreement and SD Endorsement.
3.  Type the necessary information before printing,  check box should be filled-up manually.
4.  Fill-up the other details.
5.  Photocopy the original recommendation from the politician and old recommendation of previous SD.
6.  Enlistment/Enrollment for Political Scholars will be from 1PM-3PM.
7.  After enlistment at 5th Floor, proceed to SD office for the signing of endorsement.  (Baka mabibigyan nyo ako ng Official Receipt of fastfoods, gasoline)
8.  Prepare the minimum required downpayment which is 20% or 1/5 of the total assessment.

Pol Endorsee Agreement 2010-1

SD Endorsement 2010-1